I discovered Decosa whilst on a residency in the Czech Republic, this thin polystyrene sheeting printed with a wood grain effect, is a very convincing fake. Decosa is popular in Bohemia and Germany, giving a pseudo chalet-feel to any room in your house. I bought a pack containing 12 thin planks and used it to construct a huge block of wood, although slightly incongruous it looked like solid wood but was as light as a feather. Decosa’s fake/real materiality touched on many things that had become important in my work, throwing into question notions of authenticity and man’s desire to mimic and conquer nature. During a short residency at Camden Arts Centre, I made 100 blocks of wood constructed from Decosa and invited visitors to build their own monumental sculptures. With a subtle nod to the minimalists of the 60’s and 70’s, sculptures were created and dismantled over the course of three days. People’s movements were mapped in the space and used as the basis for developing a ritual dance for Decosa. This was the development of an invented tradition highlighting the DIY store as an alternative temple of worship in a secular society: a new place for self-improvement. Original Score by Daniel O’Sullivan.